Stephanie Sunderland Photography


small details of hobbiton

1. mailbox
2. looking out from inside a hobbit hole
3. close-up of the leaves on the tree above bag end.
4. fresh veggies from the garden
5. getting ready for tea
6. the door to bag end
7. chess pieces at the potter’s
8. a swing in the dell
9. bilbo’s sign
10. a glance through the window



If anyone’s curious, the model is wearing ghillies, soft shoes traditionally used in Irish and Scottish dance.  I’ve never seen them in a mori cord before.


Intermediate Wood Fern (Dryopteris intermedia)

$20 on Etsy


Just got back home from a forest walk. I like to do my hiking comfy hobbit ranger style  :D  Also it is finally cold enough to wear cardigans  again <3  

All homemade. Except the boots. Oh how I wish I could make boots (seriously. the lack of forest friendly and comfy boots out there is shocking)


My new necklace, I love it so much! It’s made of a vintage playing card, which I think is very cool :)