My sister’s terrarium garden is one of the loveliest things I’ve ever seen.

Photos by Heidi.


Super quick outfit as the thrift shop called me up and asked if I could come while I was still in bed x) I had a really fun first shift though, and got a lot of great materials for pixie skirts!

Dress from ASOS Tall
Everything else is thrifted


Guide to alt fashion part 2/?.

Mori kei, also called mori girl, is a Japanese subculture that developed online before hitting the streets of Tokyo. It is inspired by the forest and features comfortable fabrics, lace, crochet, flowers, layers, natural make up, and practical shoes.  Although it began with primarily Japanese girls, people of all races and genders wear mori kei.

Pictures are all from Taobao and Wonder Rocket.


A darker mori look for today’s cool weather.
Got this skirt for 2 dollars this past weekend, I’d love to work it into more dark looks. It has the perfect deconstructed/post apocalyptic feel to it.




I was taking photos of my outfit and this little kitty came to keep me company. <3


Lindesnes, the southern tip of Norway, a couple of years ago


The Zakka Zoo is cute little store we stumbled upon while waiting for the Matcha Café! The store front is nicely assembled with a smiling, welcoming cat! Inside you’ll find lovely assesories such as silverware, jewerly, notebooks, stamps, and many more! There are lovely cute clothing for sale as well. There is also an upstairs, but we only stayed on the first level. 

We were very lucky because the zakka zoo cat made an appearance. We spend more time playing with the cat than looking at the store! She was very calm and posed for photos this time around. Overall, a wonderful little treasure within the streets of Taipei! :)


autumn mori : cardi